The Claws of the Ocean


The ocean, I feel, is a representation of humanity. People spend their entire lives trying to understand it, getting PhD’s, living on it for months or even years, producing a whole career out of it. Yet we are not even close to knowing everything about it. Frustrated, our curiosity leads us to keep investigating and to never give up. It inspires people to keep trying and to keep learning. In contrast, we have humans, equally if not studied more by various groups and organisations. Yet endlessly, unpredictable and frightening behaviour continues to throw history in the waters. We continue to engage in it, despite the never-ending fear brought on from both the ocean and humanity.

I am utterly terrified by the ocean. It’s waves like claws, waiting to pull you in and swallow you whole, with only the scream of the wind to help others remember you. Unpredictable, uncontrollable and dominating, all an essence of what humanity despises and dislikes. Why do some strange souls choose to spend years on it, studying it, within it? The one thing that trumps human fear, is human curiosity. The waves call to us, white see spray giving an essence of adventure, water on the coast like a beckoning finger, the rough clashes of colour sparking human curiosity. We are trapped by the beauty and danger of the ocean, forever playing the cruel game with it, where we ultimately never win. All of man’s creations, boats, fishing rods, submarines and peers are all consumeristic holograms, fooling us all that we have complete control and power over the beast of the sea.

We cannot handle our ability to control, and the ocean constantly tests this of us, our love and hatred for it is a game that has been played over centuries, and will continue to be played for centuries more.



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